The Rock Congratulates Young Offenders At Boot Camp Graduation

Johnson is helping young prison inmates turn their lives around through a six-month boot camp program.

The Rock Congratulates Young Offenders At Boot Camp Graduation
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The Rock made a special appearance at a graduation ceremony held for youth offenders on August 17, 2015. They completed a six-month boot camp through the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rebilitation Department. 

Johnson is currently filming a documentary called Rock & a Hard Place, which will give us a glimpse inside the challenging and life-changing program. He was able to connect with the youth offenders by sharing his personal story and telling them that it is possible to come out on the other side. "I got in trouble a lot when I was younger. By the time I was 16, I had been arrested eight or nine times for a variety of things, terrible things that I shouldn’€™t have been doing. But I had people in my life who saw the potential in me when I didn€’t see it. Much later in life, once I got out of college, I started to understand the power of seeing your potential and what that means," says The Rock. 

A powerful thing happened today... The rate of recidivism in the U.S. prison system is over 70%. Meaning over 70% of inmates released from prison will commit a crime and return back to prison. Staggering. Here in Miami, we have one of the most hard core and unrelenting bootcamp prisons in the world. And our rate of recidivism is 8%. EIGHT PERCENT. I told these young men 6 months ago when they first arrived that the life they once knew, was over. That they would get broken down to their core - physically and mentally in ways they never imagined - but I also told them they would never break. Big difference. They never broke and today they graduate and become free men. Better men. Very proud of this program, its staff and the impact it has on our prison system and more importantly, caring about young lives that matter. Congratulations men. Just like we talked about.. be a leader, be disciplined and earn that respect. It's all up to you. #DadeCounty #BootCamp #Graduation #AGreatDay

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The Rock is a class act, see his empowering message to the men below. 

Big day today... 6 months ago these youth offenders all faced prison time anywhere from 5yrs to life for a variety of crimes ranging from armed robbery to attempted murder. In front of the judge on the day of their sentencing they accepted to be placed in an extremely hardcore one of kind bootcamp. I gave them my word on their first night that would be broken down in ways they never knew imaginable... but if they stuck with it and didn't quit, they'd be built back up to become better men. That was 6 months ago. TODAY, in front of their families, drill instructors and judges they graduate and become free men. Stronger men. Better men. I'm very proud to show the world how impactful this one of a kind Dade County Bootcamp Program is and more importantly, proud to show the world how the lives of these young offenders matter. It's your day men. Let's graduate and have a lil' fun. You've earned it! See you in a few hours. #DadeCounty #DeptOfCorrections #BootCamp #SevenBucksProds #HBO #RockAndAHardPlace #ChangeIsReal

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