The Rock Is More Shredded Than Ever at 257 Pounds, and Phil Heath Agrees

All that hard work in the gym seriously paid off as The Rock prepped for his latest Under Armour shoot.

Dwayne Johnson has always been huge and lean, but the Instagram post he shared on Saturday might be the best he's ever looked. He's so shredded that none other than former seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath commented on it.

The Rock shared the photo ahead of his final shoot for Project Rock, his wildly popular Under Armour campaign. He says he worked hard to bring his best physique to the occasion, and his ripped back in the shot speaks to the effectiveness of the grueling workouts and strict diet strategy Johnson is known to follow.  




Dialed in at 257lbs. Worked extremely hard to “bring it” for my final #ProjectRock @underarmour campaign shoot on 2018. Our “Bend Boundaries” Collection is reflective of the disruptive nature of my DNA. To unapologetically push for greater and always disrupt expectations. Thanks to my strength and conditioning coach @daverienzi for the focused strategy and thanks to our Seven Bucks advertising group @sevenbuckscr for taking the marketing lead for us and @underarmour for this big campaign. And thanks to all of you for making our #ProjectRock @underarmour’s #1 SELLER WORLDWIDE. Let’s shoot. #BendBoundariesCollection #ProjectRock #IdLoveAFuckingDonutRightNow

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Enter Heath, who agrees that Johnson's hard work paid off. 

"This is definitely your best conditioning yet Brother congrats," Heath commented on the post. "You can see the striations in the rear delts and even your lower lats nice!!! Guess those cheat meals were necessary to stay full." The comment was punctuated with flexing biceps emojis, of course. 

The Rock is a busy guy, and it's not easy to stay motivated to work out in the wee hours of the morning the way he does. But you know that work was worth it when you build a physique so solid that one of the top bodybuilders in the world decides to comment on it. 

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