Sylvester Stallone Drops Intense New "Rambo: Last Blood" Trailer

The fifth and final installment hits theaters Sept. 20.

Rambo Last Blood Trailer

Rambo fans got a first look at Last Blood Tuesday, when action legend Sylvester Stallone dropped an intense new trailer for the franchise's fifth (and final) installment.

"They started it, I will end it," Sly captioned, along with the 60-second preview on his Instagram account. From what we could surmise, the premise involves the kidnapping of the only family Rambo has ever known (played by Yvette Monreal). But plot be damned—what we really wanna know is whether the badass veteran could still kick ass 37 years later. And judging from all the knife-sharpening close-ups, dramatic door-kicking, growly threats, explosive booby traps—and yes, the iconic bow and arrow—the answer is a resounding YES.

Watch the bloody good trailer here:

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BRAND NEW TEASER !! I am re-posting this FULL frame! IT GETS BETTER THE 2ND TIME.. “… They started it, I will end it!” Rambo said. Coming September 20

A post shared by Sly Stallone (@officialslystallone) on Aug 20, 2019 at 8:36am PDT



It looks like much of the action takes place on the family ranch (who says you can't go home again?), and if this really is John's last stand, he's going out in a literal blaze of glory. The teaser intercuts scenes from First Blood, with voiceover from the original touting Rambo as an "expert with guns, knives, his bare hands." All three weapons of choice are in full display here.

And if you're still not sold, we'll let the man himself seal the deal: "Bad things happen,” Stallone shared at the Cannes film festival. “There’s going to be some serious vengeance in this movie. A lot of people getting hurt." Sign us up!

Last Blood also stars Paz Vega, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Adrianna Barraza, and Joaquin Cosio. The Lionsgate film hits theaters Sept. 20.

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