Sylvester Stallone Shares More Behind-the-Scenes Pics and Videos From ‘Rambo 5’

Or: Sly rides a horse.


Rambo 5 is actually happening. After years of news and rumors, the fifth installment in the series is now well into production, with Sylvester Stallone taking on an older and more grizzled version of the character he brought to life well over 35 years ago.

While we haven’t gotten a trailer yet, Sly has been incredibly open about the film’s production process, revealing plenty of behind-the-scenes photos of the sets and costumes featured in the movie. And like clockwork, the actor’s Instagram giveth even more details about the movie. Below you’ll find everything from a pic of director Adrian Grunberg setting up a shot for the movie to Stallone riding a horse (likely in preparation for an upcoming scene) and hanging out in his "man cave." 

You’ll also see Stallone’s new jacket, emblazoned with the Rambo logo on the back (we dobut it'll be used in the movie, unless Rambo is taking an even less subtle approach to warfare than usual). Outside of the vague notion that the movie will somehow deal with a Mexican cartel, there’s very little known about the plot of the film. But, there’s a decidedly Logan-esque look and feel to it all, right?

Check out some of the latest posts from Stallone’s Instagram below:



Sometimes life looks great going backwards

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This is been a very tough shoot and I am missing family and home , but hopefully it’ll all be worth it.@slystalloneshop #rambo5

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The director Setting up the shot... #rambo5 @slystalloneshop

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Rambo’s man cave…@rambomovie #rambo5

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