Gear Up Your Meal Prep

To prep like a pro, you need pro-quality tools like these.

Masterpan, T-Fal Chopper, Bentgo Box
Sam Kaplan

1) Masterpan 5

It seems like a gimmick, but this non-stick pan has separate sections, so you can cook an entire meal in one shot. It will save you time and space (a single pan as opposed to five).


2) T-fal chopper

This manual chopper will reduce your prep time by chopping, dicing, and mincing all your veggies with just a few pulls of the handle. Also, the blades pop out for easy cleaning.


3) Bentgo box

These BPA-free, microwavable, dishwasher-safe containers stack on top of each other, letting you bring two separate meals to work or separate your salad, rice, and meats.