The Classic Prototype

Robert Timms looks to be the future of the Classic Physique division.


Photos by Ian Spanier

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or are new to the world of bodybuilding, you might have heard there’s a new division that is taking the NPC and IFBB Pro League by storm. Classic physique pays homage to the look of the past, and the goal is to make that classic  look relevant again in the current fitness scene. It’s safe to say that mission was accomplished thanks to athletes like Air Force veteran (and Gaspari Nutrition athlete) Robert Timms.

Look at the Arizona resident from the front, and he immediately reminds many experts of a young Lee Haney. Sporting a thick  chest, wide shoulders, and powerful arms, Timms and his coach Dennis James (yes, the IFBB Pro League bodybuilder also known as the Menace) are putting the division and the sport as a whole on notice that he’s coming to make an impact and win shows, with the ultimate goal of being the Classic Physique Olympia champion.


“It’s a big deal for me, a huge honor. To be signed by a company like Gaspari makes a huge statement to me, and having supplements like SuperPump250 and Aminolast will play a huge role in my training. On top of all that, to have a guy like Rich Gaspari, a man whose physique embodies what my division is supposed to be about and who has trained at that elite Olympia level, is incredible. I plan on taking advantage of that and learning from him so I can be that much better every time I step on that stage.”


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