Lee Haney Shares Leg-Training Methods in a 1988 Video

The legendary eight-time Mr. Olympia's tutorial still holds up today.

Lee Haney cemented himself as one of the best bodybuilders of all time over the course of his eight-year reign as Mr. Olympia, and he didn't do it without serious dedication and hard work. From head to toe, Haney sculpted every muscle with precision and gained a wealth of knowledge along the way.

In 1988, a little over halfway through his Olympia dynasty, Haney gave some seminars on lifting that were produced on VHS tapes, and it's advice that you should still use today. His tips may not be what you'd expect from the then-gargantuan Olympia champ—there's no outrageously heavy weight in this back-to-basics tutorial, for starters—but he does emphasize the importance of stretching between leg curl sets and warming up thoroughly. Check out the video below for Haney's strategies for bigger, stronger legs.