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The sleeve-splitting arms workout

A 'greatest hits' of our most reliable muscle-building strategies, combined into one surprisingly simple and very effective program.

Sleeve-Splitting Arms Workout
Nate Millado
Nate Millado
Duration 30-45
Exercises 6
Equipment Yes

If your goal is to build bigger biceps and triceps, you've most likely been taking on workouts that have you lifting heavy. But if your arms are still skinny, it's probably time to rethink how you reload your guns.

Consider this six-move, quick-hit arms workout a roundup of our best and most effective muscle-building strategies.


Perform pairs marked "A" and "B" as supersets. Perform exercises 3 and 4 as straight sets.

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The sleeve-splitting arms workout Grow your biceps, triceps, and forearms

Exercise 1A.

Preacher Curl You'll need: EZ-Bar How to
Preacher Curl  thumbnail
4 sets
10-12 reps
0 sec. rest

Exercise 1B.

Close-Grip Bench Press You'll need: Bench How to
Close-grip Bench Press thumbnail
4 sets
20 reps
120 sec. rest

Exercise 2A.

Seated Incline Dumbbell Curl You'll need: Dumbbells How to
Seated Incline Dumbbell Curl thumbnail
4 sets
5 reps
0 sec. rest

Exercise 2B.

Lying Triceps Extension You'll need: Dumbbells How to
 Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension thumbnail
4 sets
12 reps
120 sec. rest

Exercise 3.

Barbell Curl You'll need: Barbell How to
Barbell Curl thumbnail
1 sets
100 reps
As little as possible rest

Exercise 4.

Band Pushdown You'll need: Elastic Band How to
Band Pushdown  thumbnail
1 sets
150 reps
As little as possible rest