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The Barbell Rollout Workout for a Strong Core and Spine

Strengthen your core—and stabilize your spine—with the barbell ab rollout.

The Barbell Rollout Workout for a Strong Core and Spine
Marius Bugge
Marius Bugge
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The barbell is one of the most versatile tools in the gym and can be used for a variety of strength exercises. So don’t sleep on its ability to torch your core. By simply taking a loaded bar off the rack and laying it on the floor, you’ve got all you need to perform barbell ab rollouts, a dynamic move that will work your abs and promote spinal stability.


The unique positioning re­quired to do this move cor­rectly—arms extended and body almost parallel to the floor—causes gravity to pull down on the body. “As your points of contact with the floor extend farther apart, your core has to jump into action to stabilize its most vulnerable point—the midsection,” says David Otey, C.S.C.S. “This max­imizes muscular recruitment to help stabilize the spine.” And a more stable spine will carry over to your deadlifts and squats.


Try the barbell rollout any­ time you want to work your core, but Otey recommends hitting it at least twice a week to reap the strength benefits.

Barbell Rollout Core Workout Go down as far as you can without your lower back arching. Try and get deeper each time.

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Barbell Rollout You'll need: Barbell, Mat How to
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4 sets
10-15 reps
-- rest