Abs and Core Exercises

How to Master The Calorie-Torching V-Sit Press

You'll be beach-ready in no time with this calorie-burning combo move: the V-sit press.

V-Sit Press
Edgar Artiga

If you'd rather slam a 25-pound dumbbell on your foot than do another freaking crunch to train your abs, we have the perfect move for you: the V-sit single-arm press. 

Why Do the V-Sit Press:

The V-sit single-arm press is a training twofer that combines an overhead press that helps you enhance shoulder stability with an isometric V-sit that targets the abs and the muscles that help protect your spine. Another perk to doing the V-sit press: Since you're working more muscles simultaneously, you're also torching more calories. In other words, it's exactly what guys who are looking to lean out before the beach should sub into their training routines. Start with two sets of eight reps per arm. When that begins to feel easy, add another set. 

When to Do The V-Sit Press: 

You'll want to do this move at the very beginning of your workout routine. Why? Due to the unique position you're required to hold while executing it, you'll recruit a number of stabilizer muscles i your core and back to hold the V-sit. If you've put yourself through a monster workout and try to tack this on at the very end of your session, your form is likely to suffer because you'll be too exhausted to perform it correctly. 

How to Do It: 

1. Sit on the floor with legs fully extended (or bent if new to the move) and raised off the floor to about shoulder height. 

2. Hold a dumbbell in one hand, with elbow tucked in, at shoulder level. Keep chest up and head forward. 

3. As you maintain the V position, slowly press the dumbbell overhead. Complete all reps on one arm before switching sides. 

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