Chest Exercises

The Chain Flye Variation to Help You Avoid Shoulder Pain

To help avoid shoulder pain during flyes, try using chains.

marius bugge / M+F Magazine

Flyes remove reliance on the triceps and deltoids so you can better isolate the chest muscle for growth. And besides looking badass, using chains to do them takes some pressure off the shoulder joints, increases instability for more muscle recruitment, and ensures that there’s more tension on your pecs from start to finish, as the chains start at chest level and extend to the floor.

Hook a carabiner to some lifting chains and connect a D-handle to the other end. From there, lie back on a bench and perform a chest flye as you would with dumb-bells. (If you don’t have chains, use a cable machine.)

Chain Flye Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
Chain Flye 3-4 12-15

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