Workout Routines

The Maxed Out Muscle Workout: Shoulders

Duration 30 min
Exercises 5
Equipment Yes

As with the chest workout, the goal with shoulders is to stimulate the delts as much as possible, not to press the heaviest weights. For that reason, we employ front, back, and side raises to keep tension squarely on the deltoids. The shoulders also grow well when worked to exhaustion, so we make use of supersets and static holds to squeeze every last drop from them.

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Maxed Out Shoulder Workout

Exercise 1A

Dumbbell Front Raise
Maxed Out Dumbbell Front Raise thumbnail
3 sets
10-15 reps
-- rest
10-15 reps each arm (alternating); SUPER SET with Shoulder Shrugs

Exercise 1B

Shoulder Shrug
Maxed Out Shoulder Shrug thumbnail
3 sets
10-15 reps
60 sec rest

Exercise 2

Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Maxed Out Dumbbell Shoulder Press thumbnail
4 sets
8-14 reps
60 sec rest

Exercise 3

Rear Dumbbell Flye
Maxed Out Rear Dumbbell Flye thumbnail
4 sets
12 reps
60 sec rest

Exercise 4

Lateral Raise
Maxed Out Lateral Raise thumbnail
2 sets
to failure reps
60 sec rest
Pause at the top of the motion