30-Min Heavy-Bag HIIT Workout

Fire up your metabolism and fat burn with this high-intensity interval training workout.

30-Min Heavy-Bag HIIT Workout
Duration 30 min
Exercises 4
Equipment Yes

This half-hour HIIT blitz done with a heavy bag is a triple threat—boosting strength, cardio, and metabolism all at once. You’re going straight for the fat burn and lean muscle building. You’ll be doing each move for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off, repeating each circuit 8 times. Plus, this HIIT workout has you doing active recovery for almost two minutes between circuits: Seated Russian Twists for 45 seconds and Back Kicks on a Heavy Bag for 45 seconds.

The Tool

A heavy bag. The best way to improve over time is to measure and track your kickboxing metrics. Impact Wrap, a portable fitness tracker that wraps snuggly around any heavy bag—tracking total power output, total force, calories burned, etc.—is the essential tool get that done. To pick one up, go to on July 14 to get yours for just $189.

Warm Up

Jump Rope 5 Minutes and Stretch: Arm circles to loosen up the shoulder muscles, Triceps (behind-the-head) Stretch, Biceps Stretch (across the body), and Gentle Forward Bends to loosen up the spine.

Learn The Moves

Move 1: Left/right jab cross

Get in boxing stance, feet shoulder width apart, aligning the toes of your strong, leading foot with the heel of your back foot. Both toes pointed at a 45-degree angle to the heavy bag in front of you. Hands up, one always protecting your face. Perform jabs with your right hand with short strokes and little windup, for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Then follow up immediately with right-handed crosses, pivoting off your back foot and turning your hips into the punch, keeping your right hand touching your cheek. Repeat circuit on opposite side. That’s one set. Repeat 8 times.

Move 2: Hook and weave

Get in boxing stance, with front elbow bent 90 degrees and out 45 degrees from body, other arm guarding face. With knees slightly bent, powerfully rotate your hips and pivot your front foot, aiming to punch through the heavy bag at eye level. Immediately dip in your knees and sit back in your hips to weave your body back to the starting boxing stance, hands guarding face. Repeat for 20 seconds; rest 10; repeat 8 times.

Move 3  : High knees and jump rope

Starting with feet parallel and hip width, lift alternating knees as high as you can in front of you for time, pumping your arms as you do, and landing softly. Continue for 20 seconds; rest 10 seconds. Then jump rope for 20 seconds; rest 10 seconds. Return to high knees and repeat 8 times.

Move 4: Roundhouse kicks with back leg 

Get in fight stance with your right leg back, hands protecting your face. Push off from your back leg and whip your hips and leg to the left, keeping your right leg almost straight, striking the heavy bag with the top of your right shin. Start by aiming low on the heavy bag and raise your target as you improve your form. Do 20 seconds on (4 at a time on each leg) and 10 seconds off.  Repeat 8 times.

Cooldown: 5 mins

*HIIT is any workout that you perform at a high intensity for 20 seconds to a few minutes, then “recover” for a portion of that time.

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Impact Wrap Circuit Complete routine 8 times.

Exercise 1

Jab-Cross How to
impact-wrap-jab thumbnail
-- sets
20 sec (each arm) reps
10 sec rest
*Repeat circuit on opposite side.

Exercise 2

Weave and Hook How to
impact-wrap-hook thumbnail
-- sets
20 sec reps
10 sec rest
*Repeat circuit on opposite side.

Exercise 3A

Walking High Knees You'll need: No Equipment How to
Walking High Knees thumbnail
-- sets
20 sec reps
10 sec rest
*Compete as couplet with jump rope.

Exercise 3B

Jump Rope You'll need: Jump Rope How to
Jump Rope thumbnail
-- sets
20 sec reps
10 sec rest
*Compete as couplet with high knees.

Exercise 4

Roundhouse Kick How to
impact-wrap-roundhouse-kick thumbnail
-- sets
20 sec (4 each side) reps
10 sec rest