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How to Train Like the World's Strongest Man

Britain’s Eddie "The Beast" Hall reveals how he trained in the run-up to this year’s ultimate test of human strength.


Rise of the Beast

Eddie Hall

Christopher Bailey

How Eddie Hall became the World's Strongest Man

2011: Wins the first of six U.K.’s Strongest Man titles.

2012: Finishes eighth in his first appearance at Europe’s Strongest Man.

2013: Misses out on the final of World’s Strongest Man by one point.

2014: Finishes sixth at the World’s Strongest Man.

2015: Sets a deadlift world record of 462kg (1,019 lbs) in front of Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Classic Australia.

2016:  Becomes first man in history to deadlift 500kg (1,102 lbs).

2017: Wins the World’s Strongest Man at age 29.

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