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The Ultimate Black Friday Conditioning Workout

You don't need weights to prepare for the most grueling shopping day of the year.

Sprinter Workout
Duration 15 min
Exercises 5
Equipment X

Alright guys, it’s time to prepare for the toughest, meanest, most physically-demanding day of the year; BLACK FRIDAY. It’s coming up fast, so I’ve designed a quick, effective circuit workout that you can do anywhere without any equipment. You can do this session three times a week for the next couple of weeks, with some cardio training on the off days for endurance and recovery.

Get Ready, Set, Shop!

This is a great total-body crusher that you can do anywhere- try it for 15 minutes continuously! When you incorporate broad jumps into a circuit, you’re training like an athlete, activating all your muscles, and burning fat while you develop power. Remember; when doing any kind of push-up or hands-on-floor movement, think about “head to heel, straight as steel.” 

The Moves

Broad jumps: Building explosive power will be ultra-valuable for getting the jump on other shoppers right when the stores open.

T or X Push-ups: They build pushing power for clearing the lane in front of you in order to get the best stuff. Additionally, the proprioceptive stabilization training will prepare you to balance on one leg while holding various items and trying to cut in front of other customers.

Puches from the Guard: Not only will this get you ready for when all hell breaks loose and some old lady jumps on you to steal the last “Call of Duty” game out of your basket, but it’s a great core exercise too. (You’ll look great when your shirt gets torn off!)

Donkey Kicks: This movement is one of the most powerful weapons we have for launching an annoyingly competitive shopper across the store.

200 Yard Runs: The approximate distance to the back of the store where the last American Girl Doll sits on the shelf, and then back to the registers to buy it before the hoard of Walking Dead even notices what you’re doing.

Black Friday Conditioning Circuit

Exercise 1A

Broad Jump
exercise image placeholder
-- sets
5 reps
-- rest
*Lower body strength and power. 5 explosive reps, jumping off both feet for distance. Land in a controlled, athletic position.

Exercise 1B

T Pushup You'll need: No Equipment How to
T Pushup thumbnail
-- sets
10 reps
-- rest
*Do 10 controlled reps, pausing at the top of each rep to reach for the sky in a T.

Exercise 1C

Jab-Cross How to
impact-wrap-jab thumbnail
-- sets
30 sec reps
-- rest
*Punch as quickly as possible while maintaining control.

Exercise 1D

Donkey Kick You'll need: Mat How to
Donkey Kick  thumbnail
-- sets
10 reps
-- rest

Exercise 1E

Running Sprint
Sprinter Workout thumbnail
-- sets
200 yards reps
-- rest
*Sprint 100 yards in one direction, then sprint back to your starting position.